Rules & Information

Welcome, You have qualified to compete in the Largest Crappie Tournament in the World, Mr.Crappie $250,000 Dollar Invitational will host 100 of the Top Crappie teams in the country for three days of competition on the Red River, Shreveport, La. Sept.30th - Oct.2nd

The Crappie Expo 2021 will host over 100 vendors, crappie related manufactures or companies that produce products that crappie anglers use on a daily bases ! The Crappie Expo will be opened to the public and several of your sponsors will be displaying their products at the Crappie Expo!

Here is your chance to shine for your sponsors, if you do not advance in the Mr.Crappie Invitational you must work for your sponsors the following day at the Crappie Expo 2021!

World’s Largest Crappie Fry Sponsored by Riceland, RV Cajun Cookers! October 2, 2021 - Starting at 11am till we run out of Crappie fillets! This event will be free to the public and everyone loves a good ole’ Crappie Fry! Great Family Fun!

Mr.Crappie $250,000.00 Invitational Classic !

  • Entry Fee: $2500.00 Dollars Per Team
  • Purse: $250,000.00 Championship Saturday pays 1st – 25th
  • If there is not a Full Field we will pay out accordingly to the amount of teams entered!
  • Payment Due No Later than July 15, 2021! One Payment Only from your team! Thanks
  • Make Payment to: Mr.Crappie LLC. 14914 FM 3133 Anna, Texas 75409
  • Let Us Know ASAP, Ounce you Enter! No Refunds!


  • Red River is OFF Limits to all anglers as of October 28, 2020 competing in the Mr.Crappie Invitational, All teams can start practicing on Sept. 26, 2021 at Safe Light till 5pm. If you have been on the Red River in La. during this time, you are not allowed to fish in this tournament
  • Practice Days: Sept.26th ,27th ,28th and on 29th ! Sept. 29th that week we will have a meeting and dinner details are pending , practice will be shorter that day OFF THE WATER BY 4:00 PM.
  • Only Team members can be in the boat during practice and tournament. Thanks
  • MUST BE OFF THE WATER BY 5:00 PM Central Time on Practice Days!
  • You can’t be on the Red River any other time outside of practice and tournament hours!! Day Light till 5:00 PM
  • Mr.Crappie Invitational Tournament Boundaries Red River Pools 4 & 5 Arkansas State Line in pool 5 North to Lock 4 South! You “Can Not” lock through at Lock 4 it’s off Limits.
  • Attention: All Teams Must Launch at Red River South Marina Daily includes practice days and tournament.
  • Anglers can not receive any information from anyone including other teams in the event! Anglers can get information off the internet but cannot receive any information from anyone of any kind! Sharing waypoints is not allowed by anyone in the tournament!
  • Anglers can’t put any brush/ structure or have anyone put any brush/structure in the Red River tournament waters! Any help from anyone is prohibited.
  • NO Portable Gas Tanks can be in your boat, you cannot put gas out on the shoreline to pick up! Anglers cannot leave their boat during tournament hours!
  • First Day weigh-in: 3 Pm Red River South Marina parking Lot!
  • You can’t be on the Red River water any other time outside of practice and tournament hours!! Day Light till 5:00 pm
  • Fishable Waters! All teams must fish on Red River Pool 4 and Pool 5 only, must be able to get to all fishable waters by boat! All Anglers must stay in Boat during tournament hours! Each team can only use one boat during practice days and tournament days , No canoe’s, No rubber rafts or Go Devil style boats Allowed! All teams Launch at Red River South Marina Only!
  • ARTIFICIAL BAIT ONLY! Two baits per line only! Crank Baits are considered as one! Artificial Power Baits and Scented baits can be used, no dead or live bait and freeze dried minnows, mill worms or any live creature prohibited!
  • You are not allowed to leave the boat to land a fish!
  • If you leave your boat during tournament hours you must call the director or your team will be DQ!
  • No Binoculars or other magnifying devices can be used, practice or tournament days!
  • No one can mark, spot or give you waypoints or information at anytime!
  • Landing Fish: Net’s are allowed! Crappie that are Foul hooked are not allowed, must be caught in the mouth!
  • No cell phones can be used during tournament hours unless it’s a emergency, boat broke down, Call your director/ family members!
  • Each contestant agrees to report any violation or infraction of any tournament rules to the tournament director!
  • All protest must be submitted to the tournament director 30 minutes prior to the weigh-in! Tournament Director has the Final Word!
  • On Tournament days everyone will launch and check in at Red River South Marina. Check in will be Red River South Marina Only! Live Well checks will be at Red River South Marina when you arrive! Starting at 5:30 am!
  • Do not launch your boat till your live well has been checked Daily!
  • Everyone must wear a life jackets at take-off and while your boat is on plane all day during the tournament. Pay Attention to all lake signs WAKE ZONES or NO FISHING Zones.
  • Pole Limit: 4 per person!
  • Teams may weigh in seven (7), live crappie each day of the tournament. All seven crappie must be alive when your boat touches your trailer. Once you exit the water with your fish they will be counted and checked by tournament officials.
  • Dead fish will be removed then you may weigh in your remaining live fish. Teams presenting more than seven fish will be disqualified.
  • During fishing/tournament hours you can “Only” have 14 Crappie in your live well. At conclusion of your fishing day before you reach land you may only have 7 fish in Your Boat to be checked! Count your catch twice maybe three times before loading on your trailer!
  • Official length: 10”Crappie Presenting a Short fish will result in disqualification. Measure Mouth Closed, Tail Pinched, short fish will be measured at the weigh in!
  • If you must exit the water for any reason during tournament hours you “Must” contact Wally Marshall 214 683 4759 or Tournament Director.
  • If you have boat issues you need to contact the Tournament Director. After talking with tournament director, you can have one team member find a ride back to the ramp with another tournament team. The one team member will take your limit of fish for the day while other team member stays with your boat. You are still required to be in by your check in time.
  • Off-Limit Waters: within 150 feet of a gas pump and No Fishing Areas!
  • You must keep 100 feet between Tournament boats while fishing during tournament hours.
  • Teams can “Not Weigh Fish in Early” keep all fish Fresh & Alive!
  • There will be several Tournament Marshall’s assigned to boats during this event, there will also be video crews in and around you during the event. If you are approached by television crews, they will respect your fishing area, If you are asked to wear a mic to record your voice while fishing, work with the video crews and all video is being streamed on to Mr.Crappie Youtube Channel and the Shreveport Convention Center!
  • Working with the Film crews will be a must!
  • You will draw your boat number at the Double Diamond Banquet. Day 1 Be sure to check in before you load your boat at the end of the day with tournament officials at the Pier!
  • Your check in time means that your number that you received at blast off must be returned to tournament official on end of pier (where you received it). If your Number buoy is not returned by check-in time you will be disqualified for that day. For example, if your check in time is 3:00 you are considered late when official clock reads 3:01.
  • If you are late you will be DQ’d!
  • Official Tournament time will be announced at Banquet.

Day 1

Blast-Off- Start Times Subject to Change
Live Well Check starts 5:30am
Flight 1- 6:30 AM- 2:45 PM
Flight 2- 6:45 AM- 3:00 PM
Flight 3- 7:00 AM- 3:15 PM
Flight 4- 7:15 AM -3:30 PM

  • Day 1 Weigh in will be held at Red River South Marina at 3pm.
  • At the Conclusion of weigh in the field will be cut to the Top 50+.

Day 2-Top 50

  • Live Well Checks will start at Red River Boat Ramp 5:30 am! Weigh in will be at the Shreveport Convention Center with Police Escort! Teams must be present after the weigh in if you are in the top 25 for Championship Saturday at the Shreveport Convention Center behind Main Stage!
  • Your assigned Boat Number will be the same as Day 1. However, we will launch in reverse order. For example, if you were Boat 100 +, last out on day 1, you will be the first boat to launch on day 2. Blast off and check in procedures will remain the same.

Day 2

Blast-Off- Check-In
Flight 1- 6:30 AM- 2:00 PM
Flight 2- 6:45 AM- 2:15 PM

  • Day 2 : Top 50 Teams will have a Police escort to weigh in at the Shreveport CC main stage at the Crappie Expo 2021
  • Weigh in will be at the Shreveport Convention Center is for Day 2 & Day 3! Crappie Expo Shreveport CC. 400 Caddo St. Shreveport, LA
  • At Conclusion of day 2 the field will be cut to Top 25. The top 25 Teams MUST BE PRESENT at the conclusion of the weigh in or they will be disqualified.
  • Day 3-Top 25

  • Top 25 - Live Well Checks will start at 5:30 AM- Red River South Marina Your assigned Boat Number will not be used! Your standings in the tournaments will determine your number. First Place team from Day 2 will be boat 1, etc.

    Championship Saturday - Day 3

    Blast-Off- Check-In
    Flight 1- 6:30 AM- 2:00 PM

  • Day 3: You will have a police escort to the Shreveport Convention Center from the Red River South Marina! Don’t get out of line! Make sure you have plenty of gas to get to the Shreveport CC. by escort! If you get out of the escort line you will be DQ’d.
  • Tie Breaker for 1st place, if needed, will be your teams big fish weighed on Championship Saturday! So you will weigh a big fish on day 3 only!
  • At Conclusion of weigh in the Champions will be crowned and 1 thru 25 will receive their share of the purse depending on where you place. Pay Out’s will be determined by field! 100 boat field we pay out $250,000 Dollars will be the Total Purse: $100,000.00 First Place
  • There will be several Tournament Marshall’s assigned to boats during this event, there will also be video crews in and around you during the event. If you are approached by television crews, they will respect your fishing area, If you are asked to wear a mic to record your voice while fishing, work with the video crews if asked, THANKS
  • We will be streaming the weigh-in live along with fishing from Red River so the fans at the Crappie Expo can watch you on TV streaming thru the Mr. Crappie YouTube Channel.
  • Angler code of Conduct: All Anglers will be respectful to others, drive responsible, be safe, do not crowd other anglers that were there first! No fishing with-in 100 ft of another boat! Be Professional at all times, any angler’s disrespecting the Mr.Crappie Invitational, Sponsors, Tournament Anglers, Director or Crappie Expo will be Disqualified and Banned from the Invitational and Crappie Expo! Be Professional, your sponsors will be watching the Crappie Expo 2021!
  • We would like to “Thank” everyone for your hard work and dedication to the Sport of Competitive Crappie fishing to get to where you are today. We are working hard to bring the Sport of crappie fishing to its highest level! The Mr.Crappie $250.000.00 Invitational should be a honor to compete in every year, the only way team’s get into this event is through Top 25 , Mr.Crappie Invitational Qualifiers and Sponsor Exemptions! The Richest Crappie Tournament in the World, Mr.Crappie $250,000.00 Invitational Classic!
  • On Saturday, October 2nd - Free to the Public-The World's Largest Crappie Fry will start at 11am until we run out of fillets. It would be greatly appreciated if each team could bring a couple hundred fillets for the World’s Largest Crappie Fry bring frozen and we will take them from you early in the week, let us know when you arrive with your fillets! We will have freezers set up at the Shreveport CC.

If you need more info, please contact: Wally Marshall at 214-683-4759 email: