Welcome to the Mr.Crappie® $150,000 Invitational Qualifier! The Mr.Crappie® Invitational Qualifier tournament will be held on Lake Texoma in Denison, Texas May 21-22, 2021. The qualifying tournament is designed for the Top 50 teams to qualify for the Mr.Crappie $250,000 Invitational Classic on The Red River at the Crappie Expo 2021, September 30th – October 2nd in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Entry Fees:You must enter the tournament as a team or individual to qualify for the Mr.Crappie® Invitational. Entry fee is $1,500. No refunds!

The payout will be determined by total teams registered. 100 teams will be a full field total payout of $150,000.

How to qualify for Mr.Crappie® $250,000 Invitational on the Red River Shreveport, La.: 2020 Mr.Crappie® Invitational Top 25, Top 50 of the 2021 Invitational qualifiers and sponsor exemption teams from Platinum Sponsors.

Once you enter the Mr.Crappie® Invitational Qualifier, you cannot request a refund.

Your entry fee of $1,500 must be paid by April 30, 2021.

Make checks payable to:
Mr. Crappie LLC

Mail to:
14914 FM 3133
Anna, Texas 75409

May 19 , 2021 Lake Texoma Mr.Crappie® Invitational Qualifier Rules Meeting and Dinner !
5:30pm - 7:30 pm Hilton Garden Inn - Texoma Event Center 5015 US-75 Denison, Texas 75020

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Tournament Rules

Lake Texoma and the whole Red River is off limits until the week of the tournaments.

Mr.Crappie® Invitational Qualifier take off site: Lake Texoma, Denison Dam Ramp, Denison, Texas.

Lake Texoma practice days start May 16 - May 20. May 16th practice starts at safe light and must be off the lake at 5pm daily. Except for the day of the rules meeting it will be 3pm.

During practice days you can launch at any boat ramp on tournament lakes.

Mr Crappie® Invitational qualifier is a two day tournament and everyone will fish both days.

Your team or individual can enter if you haven’t broken any rules of the Mr.Crappie® Invitational or Crappie Expo.

Anglers cannot receive any information from anyone including other teams in the event. Anglers can get information off the Internet but can’t receive any information from anyone.

If your boat is in a rented boat slip, you must launch it the first practice day not before.

Fishable waters, you must be able to get there from the dam by Boat. Canoe’s, Go Devil’s or Kayaks are NOT Allowed.

No snagged fish are allowed. All crappie must be hooked in the mouth and anglers can use landing nets on caught fish only.

Artificial bait only. No live bait or dead bait allowed. Only two baits per line are allowed. Artificial bait that is scented and power baits may be used.

You are not allowed to leave the boat to land a fish. If you leave your boat during the event you must contact the tournament director.

No binoculars or other magnifying devices may be used.

No cell phones can be used except for emergencies. Please call your family members first if you have an emergency. Then contact the tournament director.

If you are broke down, be sure to secure your boat before leaving the area to come the weigh in. You can ride in with another team to weigh in but the other team member needs to stay with the boat.

Each contestant agrees to report any violation or infraction of any tournament rules to the tournament director.

All protest must be turned in 30 minutes prior to the daily weigh-in. Director has the final word.

Everyone must wear coast guard approved life jackets while on plane during tournament hours. Pay attention to all No Wake and Off Limit signs.

OFF Limit Waters: 150 ft of a gas pump. Must remain at least 100ft away from another boat in the tournament.

All crappie must be 10 inches long or longer. No dead crappie.

When your boat reaches the boat ramp you can only have 7 crappie in your position or live well. You are responsible for your own catch, keep them alive! There will be tournament officials checking your fish on the boat ramp or dock. If you bring more than 7 crappie to the dock or ramp you will be disqualified for that day.

There will be tournament marshals and video crews so if you're approached by a video crew they will respect your waters but if you're asked to mic up to record your voice for streaming video of the event, please do so.

We will blast off every day by boat numbers you will receive before the event. Your team will leave in flight times that will be determined at the event. You will depart for fishing by decending boat numbers on day 2.

Live well checks will be daily before launch or blast off.

Lake Texoma daily weigh-in: Denison Dam Boat Ramp - Denison, Texas.

Angler’s Code of Conduct: All Anglers must be respectful to others, drive responsible, be safe, do not crowd other anglers that were there first. Be professional at all times. Any angler’s disrespecting the Mr.Crappie® Invitational, tournament, sponsors or The Crappie Expo, will be disqualified and banned from the Crappie Expo and future events. Be professional, your sponsors are watching and will be at the Crappie Expo.

The Mr.Crappie® Invitational is protecting your time, investment and to protect the integrity of Mr.Crappie® Invitational tournaments.

Mr.Crappie® Invitational crew would like to thank everyone for your hard work and dedication to the sport of competitive crappie fishing to get where you are today. We are working hard to bring the sport of crappie fishing to the highest level. Qualifying for Mr.Crappie® $250,000 Invitational, the richest crappie tournament in the world, would be a dream come true for many; are you the one! Come join us for these two great Mr.Crappie® Invitational qualifiers so your dreams may come true in 2021!